About Sustainable Human

Sustainable Human is creating stories that offer a interconnected view of the world.

The root cause of any human behavior is the story they tell themselves. If you desire to change any human behavior, whether individual or collective, you first must understand their story. Sustainable Human exists to examine the faulty stories that are driving our ecocidal, global civilization and explore alternative stories founded in the knowledge that all life is interconnected.

Some of our more specific goals are to:

  • examine the stories we inherit - both individually and collectively - at the root of self-interested and "greedy" behavior
  • expose fundamental flaws in the current economic and money system
  • analyze the faulty assumptions we inherit about ourselves how the world works around us
  • illuminate the benefits of a society based on voluntary cooperation instead of competition
  • understand how scarcity is built into our current economy and uncovering new ways to create abundance for all living things
  • advocate for a voluntary, sharing society based on resource efficiency
  • shift our values from a consumer, "throw away" culture to a ecologically-minded, regenerative culture
  • explore the inherent gifts that every species - including humans - may bring to an ecosystem
  • assist, participate in and be of service to The Great Turning

About This Website

The purpose of this website is to invite a broader conversation around the impact that the stories we believe have on our life and the planet. The site is divided into three main rooms:

  1. The Old Story - Understanding where we come from is critical if you want to chart a new path towards a better future. This room is filled with content that serves to provide a better understanding of the faulty stories currently creating disconnection between people and Nature and how those stories influence our ecocidal behavior.
  2. The Space Between Stories - When you lose your story of the world, everything falls apart. It's hard to know what to do next. This is a vulnerable time for people, both individually and collectively. This room is filled with content to help people transition to a new story. We invite you to share your personal story of awakening with the community so that others may potentially find the wisdom they need for their unique journey.
  3. The New Stories - This room is filled with content that offers new ways of being and living that help us to lead more connected and integrated lives founded in the understanding that all life is connected and precious. Look for new technologies and ideas that can help facilitate a transition to a society focused on peace and long-term sustainability.

About the Founders

Chris and Dawn Agnos are soulmates who have connected around a shared mission and dream to co-create a life-enriching, empathic, and cooperative human society that finds its place within the broader web of life (instead of on top of it). We come from very different backgrounds, yet share the same purpose.

We are an independent couple not affiliated with any government, NGO, or organization.

About Chris

Chris was the oldest child born to a middle class, political household. When Chris was 10 years old, his father became mayor of San Francisco, which influenced Chris in many ways by exposing him to the dysfunctional world of politics. Chris initially pursued a path of "opened doors", earning a degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly and landing a job at a major, corporate consulting firm where he worked for a decade.

During his time in the corporate world, Chris participated fully in consumer society, yet always felt unfulfilled. He realized that if he performed his job well, it would actually cause large numbers of people to lose their jobs, saving corporations a hefty payload. Something was missing. After becoming aware of many of the sustainability crises in the world, Chris felt a better use of his life would be to obtain a Masters Degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, hoping to go back into the corporate world and change it from the inside.

However, while at Columbia, Chris became aware that the flawed ideology of continuous growth that our current economy is based on. He learned that there was resistance withing these major learning institutions to exploring alternative ways to organize an economy based on ecological principles. Chris's story of the world ultimately fell apart after reading “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins, which shattered his illusions about America being a force for bringing freedom and democracy to the world. Chris began connecting the dots through Peter Joseph’s work with The Zeitgeist Movement, realizing that the social ills we face today are a byproduct of our economic system, rather than the result of a personal character flaw.

That is when synchronicity brought him to Dawn. Together, Chris and Dawn use their life experiences and insights to help others examine faulty assumptions and thinking at the core of our sustainability crises. Chris has found his mission in life as a passionate video storyteller as an awakened and emotionally and intellectually integrated, human being.

You can learn more about Chris here: http://chrisagnos.com/

About Dawn

Dawn was the oldest child born into a family of extreme dysfunction. As a child, she was homeless, abandoned, put in foster care, and was forced understand the adult world at a very young age. Early on in life, Dawn was seen as an "old soul" because she always felt her connection the dimension of love that was available to all of us. She had to rely upon her inner knowing and intuition to guide her.

For the first ten years of her adult career life, she worked as an irreplaceable right hand person for several businessmen, finding success in putting her critical thinking and visionary skills to work. But after a illness almost took her life, Dawn awoke to realize the work she was doing was not integrated with her higher purpose and decided to abandon the pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder. After earning a degree as a neuromuscular therapist, Dawn became an anomaly in the professional sports industry, working with NFL athletes and other famous celebrities to heal them from injuries and other accidents.

One day, Dawn was given a vision of what was in store for her next. She was asked to trust and have faith in a process not yet revealed. It required her to give up her clients from the NFL, leave Miami, and move to San Francisco, a place she didn’t really desire to live. Soon after following this vision, her fiance passed away from a prescription drug misdiagnosis. Dawn found herself in between life and death, trying to understand what was happening. Eventually, Dawn recovered her life and began working with elite levels of people from Silicon Valley as their private massage therapist, during which time she learned much about the inner workings of elite circles.

Chris and Dawn were brought together around this very profound work to help humanity heal and awaken from antiquated stories about who we are and how the world works. Dawn is a highly sensitive empath, an intuitive, and visionary who helps guide the vision and strategy for Sustainable Human. She also enjoys creating unique crystal jewelry necklaces which is available on her website.

You can learn more about Dawn here: http://dawnagnos.com/