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Words by Clare Dubois

So life happens and here we are.

And we are for whatever reason incarnate at one of the most radical times in human history. The most radical bit is yet to come. I think we are walking into absolute chaos.

And I think we have incarnated because we want to be here. I just don’t really believe in coincidence. I think there is an immense intelligence that is running the show. And we are all facets of that intelligence and we are here to remember who and what we are and why we are. And it is not what we’ve been taught. And it is not what we’ve been conditioned with. This is not what humanity is supposed to be. It’s just not.

We are made for this planet. She is in is. We are her. We are breathing her. She is breathing us. We’ve got oceans and rivers and rain in our blood. We are made of the rocks and the fire and we act as if somehow we are superior?

It’s so upside down as to be astonishing. But the amazing thing about being lost is being found. So we are the ones who are standing at that point of greatest lostness where untruth is prevailing. The flip from radical bullshit to radical truth is sitting in our hands.

And the thing is we are encoded with it. Because we are not bullshit. And we are not designed for lies, we are designed to ring with truth. We are designed to ring with truth because we are the truth. Because we are Nature. Therefore, we’ve just got to deal with this weird ego crap that is so well indoctrinated and then the conditioned traumas that we’ve got bedded down like sedimentary rock in our systems that feel so pervasive and that contort us and contract us into what we’re not.

Collective consciousness is rooted in consumption. We are called consumers. We are not called restorers, we are not even called citizens anymore. We are labeled by the act of taking, which is fundamentally remarkably disrespectful to the brilliance and the love and the capacity for care…

I do not believe that the world is thriving in the guise of being a consumer. I do not believe that how we are living as human beings is creating happiness.

It is relationship that is missing. It is the heart that is missing. We have turned our relationship with this planet into something of a commodity as if somehow if we trash the whole thing to make money we are going to survive but we’re not.

The reality is that inside each of us is a different truth that is accessible. You just have to figure out how to hit it. It’s like being a tuning fork,tuning to the integrity or the authenticity of a human being. Being that thing. Creating a frequency that holds such a level of truth that is permission to come home to yourself.

And as soon as you’ve made that shift and there is like an opening. There is a curiosity, not just a “what needs to be done?” But what is in here that may be wanting to come out? What is unlived in each of us?

There’s no excuse anymore to sit on our gifts or our generosity or our brilliance or our radical behaviors. It’s time for radical.

Our collective brilliance has to be the thing that brings us through. If you have an idea, it is time for it! And if you haven’t got the guts to do it, find somebody who will hold your hand because they will believe in you. And that has to be the way forward.


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