The Magical Beauty Of Looking Up At Trees In The Middle Of A Forest


Manuelo Bececco is an Italian photographer who has recently captured the silent beauty of trees in his inspiring landscape imagery. Bececco strategically used light and colour of the forests to create his artwork on the canvas of nature. The resulting photographs transform the viewers into a magical and mystical world with the play of light and shadows.

Initially a landscape photographer, Bececco now also deals in wedding and travel photography. With time trees became central in his artworks. Bececco loves to experiment with angles and textures to glorify wooded environments.

Bececco mentions how he sees things in his own unique way in the woods which he turns into photographs. He is adept at delivering the changes, across seasons and times of the day, of the forest’s ambience. Bececco uses the natural light to capture the mystical moods of the woods. He considers these photographs very personal so their acclamation in the public is a pleasant experience for him.

Bececco explains how this photography is different from other landscape photography. The mood is very important and being able to convey his feelings and understanding to his audience brings him immense joy.

A Striking Look At Nature’s Quiet Beauty

Manuelo Bececco truly brings an unexplored side of the forests and trees. You can find more about the man and his work here.


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