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Words by Dr. Zach Bush

In the ICUs where I was practicing intensive hospital medicine, I got the privilege of being around human beings at the end of life.

At the end of a life, we’ve termed it “death.” We have the belief in our subconscious because of our big divorce from the death process. It has become sterilized. And it has allowed death to be defined as an end point. As a contraction or a disappearance rather than what I’ve actually seen it to be - a massive expansion of consciousness, of reality, or awareness and ultimately of love.

And the most poignant examples of this are people who die biologically and we spend 15 or 30 minutes in ICU resuscitating them with drugs and shocking their chests like you see on TV shows.

And they’ve meanwhile been in the ICU for weeks and months in some cases before they have this moment. And by this time, they have been isolated away from humans for quite some time. They are only touched by latex gloved hands. Only people with gowns on will come and see them. They have masks on. They haven’t seen a human face close up in months. They are just so isolated and lonely.

And I had one ICU shift that was very weird. And during that night, I see three people die and I bring them all back. And every single one of them, their first sentence was always “Why did you bring me back?” And then as they start to get oriented they are telling their loved ones, “I went into this space and there was bright white light everywhere and in that moment, I felt completely accepted for the first time in my life.”

Death is not an end point. It is a transformation moment. It’s an expansion beyond the limits of this frail biologic shell that we carry around. And the instant that we step out of that, we find out that the Universe embraces us in every single second of our existence in complete acceptance of who we are. We are enough in and of our own identity of I am at every second of every point of our existence.

When you back up for a moment and say, “ok we are killing ourselves.” But what if we need a death moment to transform completely? To let go of all the preconceived notions of what it is to be human. And to say you know what, we are beings of light. And we are completely accepted at every moment including this moment when we would rape the earth, we would kill each other at the rate we do, when we would destroy the entire ecosystem of a green planet in the middle of black space, when we had that level of hubris, we are still completely accepted. And our journey is somehow understood by something more benevolent and more complete than we can see as human beings.

What if we all looked at each other in wonder and awe and said “you’re enough. I accept you completely. I want to be with you. I want to live with you. I want to be alive.”

And so we are here. 7 billion of us showed up right now. And yet 7 billion of those white souls that seconds after death are gonna realize that they are who they’ve always been. They are fully accepted. And they are moving in true love.

What if we can transform before we die? Then there is no reason to go to Mars. There is no reason to go anywhere else. Because we will do absolutely every single thing differently here on Earth. And we are going to do it differently by just that simple recognition of I am who I am. You are who you are. That’s enough and I accept you completely. And let’s figure out how to do this within the design of nature.

There’s enough energy. There’s enough food. There’s enough resources for everybody on the planet to thrive at a level that has never been experienced in human history.

We cannot continue any form of human economic systems that have ever existed before and expect us to escape the death moment. We literally have to reinvent everything. It is you that is being called to transform because you showed up right when you did. Because we are going to transform, period. And it may be right after the point of our death. Or miraculously, it might just happen right before it.