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Words by Jeddah Mali

This is our world. This is the world that we have created.

There is a reason why these things happen. There is a reason we have got the kind of outcomes that we’ve got on our planet. There is a reason that human beings have turned out the way they are.

We are trying to make things work here on Earth without really understanding the underlying mechanics.

And that continued misunderstanding is responsible for the challenges we have now and the increased challenges that we will face that we will go into the future.

We know that all of matter not just here on Earth but all matter that exists everywhere, if you were to pull it all together, it would fit on a teaspoon. So what is everything else? The rest is space - space in the form of energy.

This energy has a natural structure to it. It operates from the infinitesimally small to the unimaginably vast.

This energy exists of these encoded properties of expansion, and lightness, and harmony. They are the core ingredients of everything we value in life. If you think about your relationships, love, care, kindness, compassion, they are built on those three ingredients.

This energy functions reliably. It isn’t chaotic. And the tiny little units of energy are able to replicate themselves over and over and over again and every time that they replicate themselves, they are able to transfer the information and the intelligence and the encoding from to another.

This energy is constantly recalibrating. It is taking in new information and recalibrating the whole system in light of that information.

But how do we make use of this? How do we make it work for us? The choices we make reflect our relationship to that hidden energy, they reflect the extent to which we understand it, the extent to which we utilize it.

How do you experience the present moment? How do you know you are present? Most of you will say I can feel something. What is it that you can feel when you are present and you are noticing the present moment? Could that be the energy that we have been speaking about?

Let’s take this one step further. I’d you like you all to hold a thought of good will towards somebody that you care about. Just hold a thought of good will. And while you are doing that, I will hold one towards all of you. What happens to that energy in the present moment when you start to intend along those lines? What happens to the sensations you feel and the feedback you are getting? That is your experience. Your experience is showing you your interaction and the state of play between your choices and that hidden energy. Not only do we have a choice, we have a responsibility, because that energy is responding to us all the time. We can interact with it.

What would the world look like if we worked in concert with natural intelligence not just in little pockets but as a widespread, systemic, humanitarian approach to being here, a responsible approach to being here?

We need to use an approach that is actually going to take us towards a future that we want. The good news is that the hard work has been done. We don’t need to design this. Now it is up to us to take hold of what has been given to us and use it wisely.