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Words by Tom Campbell

We are co-creators of this reality, and we co-create in many ways.

One is just the way we interpret things. Something happens and we have an interpretation of “what happens”. Other people see the same thing and they have a different interpretation of “what happens”. That means everybody lives in their own personal reality based on our interpretation.

Another way you create your reality is by your interactions. For example, if you are a user of people, hard to get along with, mean-spirited, then what you create is a world where people will try to avoid you, where you won't be liked, you won't be invited, and you won't be welcome, because you're not a nice person, and you create this reaction to yourself, because of your actions.

And a third way you create your reality is the way that your intent modifies future probability. One of the ways that this happens is called “the placebo effect”. If you tell somebody that they're taking a wonderful new medicine that will fix what's wrong with them, just by doing that and giving them or a sugar pill, or something that has no medicine in it whatsoever, will make a difference in their health. It’s a real effect. It’s not just that those people who had the positive outlook THINK they're healthier and really aren’t. They really ARE HEALTHIER, you see? It's a REAL thing. That's because that “positive intent” toward better health actually helps move the “probability for better health” a little higher, and the “probability for poor health” a little lower. That's us modifying future probability.

So, we get to make our reality, partially other people also have free will to make choices, and YOU are affected by THEIR choices. So, you can't control everything

It's not that you can make anything you want happen, but you can modify the probable future. You do it with an intent. But the intent isn't effective if it's an “intellectual intent”. If it's something you're “thinking”, that's only making a wish. The intent has to come from the “being level”—from the CORE of you—from the center of your being. You have to have some feeling, some emotion, some investment in this. It’s not just a casual thing. It’s something that MEANS something to you.

You DO have some control over the reality you live in, and If you want to know how to save the world from all of the greed and nastiness, the most important and significant thing you can do is to change yourself. Get rid of your fear, ego, and belief, because by YOU doing that, you will help lots of other people with whom you have contact do the same thing~~.~~