Volcanic vs. Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases

Thomas Schueneman

Global warming: man vs. volcano

I had dinner with a friend last evening, and the conversation briefly touched on Global Warming and Climate Change. I say "briefly" because my friend and I have diametrically opposing views about this issue (yes, it is possible for people to remain friends and have significant disagreements about important issues - despite the current climate (a bit of a pun) we live in...)

In any case, I mentioned the recent legislation passed here in California, and my friend mumbled something about ice ages and volcanoes spewing more greenhouse gas than cars do.

So, in light of that, I thought for today I would direct readers to an article I found online from the NASA Earth Observatory that discusses the issue of volcanoes, climate change, and the role that anthropogenic (fancy word for man made) greenhouse gas plays in all this.


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