To Deny Global Warming is Like Getting Stuck in a Toilet - Lawmakers in Congress Take Note

Thomas Schueneman

Fox News anchor Shep Smith recounts the story of a man in Pennsylvania who, drunk and naked, got himself stuck up to his waist in a porta-potty.


In telling the story Shep equates folks who get themselves wedged up to the waist in toilets while sloshed and butt-naked with global warming deniers. Says Shep, they’re just like

…people who deny the whole global warming thing. They’re just a little crazy, you know? What do you do?”

Did I mention that Shep Smith is from Fox News? Poor Shep, it seems that for a moment he dropped the company line, being that Fox News is a premier mouthpiece for climate change deniers.

And in other related news, the Think Progress reports that the National Journal recently polled 39 GOP lawmakers in Washington about their thoughts on global warming. 74% of those questioned don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming.

Someone should probably check to see if there are any porta-potties in the Capitol Building.

I’m just sayin’…

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