The Daily PlanetWatch for Monday, July 8

Thomas Schueneman

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  •  Why wildlife conservation is getting more important. Whether through greed or reverence to tradition, slaughter is slaughter, extinction is extinction. Across the world societies observe traditions of animal slaughter absolving them of the legal consequence of such actions done for profit. It isn't fair to compare the two on the same moral ground, but there must always be some underpinning of values. At what point do we reach a firm moral ground for traditions that threaten species with extinction? How many holes do we punch into the food chain before it collapses? Question worthy of pondering.
  • Brazil on the Amazon: "It's ours, not yours" Well, that sounds about right in today's political climate (accidental pun). It's too easy to concede the point presented in an oversimplified, defiant explanation of what "ours" is. Let's turn that question around: is the Amazon even theirs? What if we argue that the Amazon belongs to nobody? That would only give rise to a tragedy of the commons. There must be a middle path. It is a global responsibility to protect the Amazon. Managing sovereign rights with global interests, the issues that transcend political borders, will become increasingly difficult in a warming world.

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