Talking to a Global Warming Skeptic

Thomas Schueneman

Yep, there’s those pesky quotes around the word “skeptic” again (read the previous post to find out why).

You may consider yourself one, or you may be tired of fielding the same tired line from a “skeptic” close to you.

I’ve found the perfect resource for all of you from
A well organized listing of just about every possible argument we’ve all heard from our “skeptical” friends, so the next time you find yourself repeating for the hundredth time why scientists already know that water vapor is the most common and abundant greenhouse gas, or that the climate on Mars really isn’t a factor in considering the climate here on Earth, or that the whole thing is simply a “hoax” is perhaps what you’d expect to hear from a senator with an agenda, but not a scientist (and much, much more), all you need to do is send them here:
How to Talk to a Climate “Skeptic”


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