People Just Not Getting It

Thomas Schueneman

In a recent letter to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, a reader accused "global warming fetishists" of being proved wrong due to the mild hurricane season that just ended:

I quote: "The Earth didn't warm
Editor -- After the catastrophic '05 hurricane season, many self-styled climate experts were quick to predict that "global warming" would generate similarly disastrous hurricanes in '06 and beyond. Well, Nov. 30 marked the official end of the 2006 hurricane season. The '06 season was, it turns out, one of the mildest on record. Something's wrong here, and "global warming' fetishists and their ilk are it."

It is the small-minded, short-sighted thinking of the writer of the comment that scares me most. The earth, in fact, did warm, and it is the humble opinion of this editor that it should be high time for people like this to get their collective head out of the sand.

And what is a "global warming fetishist" anyway?

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