Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Clean Air, Tough EPA Standards

Thomas Schueneman

A majority of Americans don't agree with GOP attacks on the EPA

Most Americans Support the EPA

A new bipartisan survey from the Public Policy Poll (PPP) released yesterday shows overwhelming support for updated clean air standards and CO2 mitigation, showing just how out or step the rank and file Congressional GOP is with their constituents.

Most Americans - 69 percent - support updated EPA standards for air pollution - only 16 percent are opposed.

Some other survey results:

  • 68 percent think that Congress should stop its attack and allow the EPA to update its standards - only 28 percent think attacking the EPA is a good idea.
  • 79 percent favor tighter limits on the release of Mercury from power and industrial plants. Only 18 percent are pro-Mercury. 79 minus 18 equals a 61-point difference.
  • 77 percent feel the same for smog from power, oil, and other large industrial operations.
  • And despite the mocking dismissal of science from the GOP, 77 percent of American support stricter limits on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from large industrial facilities. Only 21 percent don't.

The role of the government is to protect the commons. It's role is to provide incentive for innovation, especially in the changing world of a new century. It's role is to represent the will of the people.

Denying the EPA the resources and authority it needs give industry the guidelines it requires to help insure clean air and water is out of touch with the needs and will of Americans.

It's downright un-American. Take that Glenn Beck.

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