Global Warming is Anti-Capitalist?

Thomas Schueneman

A direct quote from an "unbiased" extreme right-wing website: "Real Americans believe that human-caused global warming is a politically motivated sham being perpetrated by anti-capitalist forces throughout the world."

It's truly unclear to me what sort of logic is used to arrive at this conclusion, but I am certainly not going to waste any more time trying to figure it out.

I'd like to submit that "real Americans", at least it is my hope, are much smarter than this and less fearful of the world around them. In any case, let the guy that wrote this ridiculous assertion and those that would follow him believe as they will. The fact is that true capitalists thrive on opportunity where the slow and stupid see none.

Perhaps it is believed that USA Today is a bastion of left-wing propaganda by these simple folk, but nonetheless I submit a recent article for review. Anyone wishing to make a few dollars should check it out.

Let the guys that think any environmental issue is somehow "anti-capitalist" starve on their silly, ill-formed "logic" while the smarter and swifter among us can use the capitalist engine to perhaps help further a sustainable society and, well, make a dollar or two in the process. Like any real American would.

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