Fox and Friends Sound the Alarm on SpongeBob's Global Warming Agenda - Seriously

Thomas Schueneman

Fox and Friends wants you to know that there's a real danger out there for your children - Gretchen, Steve, and some other guy are sounding the alarm (they're downright alarmist!). Children are at risk because Spongebob is pushing a "global warming agenda". Check it out:

What did Fox and Friends miss because of the vigilance against indoctrinating children into a belief in global warming? Well, a real human talking about real climate science. Fox News, keeping the world safe from cartoon characters and distracting them from all that boring science stuff:

(Climate scientist Dr. Don Wuebles, testifying at a Senate hearing this week, warns that long lag times in the climate system increase the urgency of immediate action to reduce future disruption.)

Image credit: The New Civil Rights Movement

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