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Thomas Schueneman

Congress holds hearings, realizes climate change is upon us

31 Jan 2007 at 11:01am

It's official: Congress has red-hot climate-change ants in its pants. As climate-related hearings in the House and Senate got rolling this week, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) demanded White House documents that could show scientific interference. With a new report by two NGOs citing more than 120 scientists who report fed-meddling ...

Republican strategist Frank Luntz says greens are failing -- and they're mean...

31 Jan 2007 at 11:01am

Environmentalists are horrible communicators, says GOP pollster and strategist Frank Luntz, who helped shape Newt Gingrich's Contract With America and popularize the phrase "death tax." On top of that, he argues, greens are downright mean. Amanda Griscom Little caught up with the famed message-meister -- who's on the road promoting ...

Bush concentrates more rule-making power in the hands of political appointees

31 Jan 2007 at 11:01am

A new executive order from President Bush will give political appointees much more power over rules and guidance documents related to the environment, public health, civil rights, and other areas -- power previously held by lame old scientists and civil servants. As The New York Times puts it, "The White ...

New U.S. nuclear-security policy draws fire from critics

31 Jan 2007 at 11:01am

The safe, clean Nuclear Regulatory Commission has revised its security policy, drawing criticism from members of Congress and others. The new policy addresses terror attacks by land, water, and computer, but leaves air defenses to the military. Instead of adapting suggested measures including no-fly zones, protective cages, and anti-aircraft guns ...

Umbra on insulation

31 Jan 2007 at 11:01am

With cold weather hitting in unexpected places like California and Texas (seriously, people, what gives?), a reader in San Diego discovered that her attic could stand to be insulated. But she wonders about the best choice, given the green factors at stake. Advice maven Umbra Fisk batts around some thoughts ...


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