CO2 is Plant Food - We Need More!

Thomas Schueneman

Will more CO2 bring more abundant crops? A common assertion in the climate change disinformation campaign

CO2 is plant food, therefore more of it is a good thing

Or so goes a common tenet of the climate change disinformation campaign. Similar to the Glenn Beckian idea that "the government wants to tax your breathing," the notion is based on a poorly understood (or deliberately misrepresented) concept in an effort to twist the truth, sowing doubt and confusion.

Plants eat CO2 - so the more of it there is in the atmosphere, the better off we all are - right?

No - as common sense might suggest.


Like Beck's hyperbolic confusion about the difference between the source of biologically respirated CO2 and coal plant emissions, many, such as the fantastical "Lord" Christopher Monckton, employ similar tactics with their simplistic - and dangerous - "CO2 is plant food" argument. They advocate as good policy maintaining, even increasing, the continued disruption of the natural carbon cycle upon which the entire history of agriculture is based.

Greenman3610 (Peter Sinclair ) takes a look at the issue in his latest "Climate Crock of the Week" video.


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