Climate Change and Politics: Are the Press Asking the Right Questions?

Thomas Schueneman

Are they really asking any serious questions at all in terms of global warming? We have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a “cooling” economy (pun intended), the threat of terrorism (as well as those that would use that threat to engender fear as a means of obtaining power), and many other serious issues facing our nation.

But if we don’t seriously and substantially address the changing climate and our energy policy, all other issues will only be made worse, and we will have missed an opportunity to avoid the worst of what James Howard Kunstler calls “The Long Emergency”.

We’ve wasted nearly the last eight years under George Bush’s inept leadership, suppression of science, and denialism. The next president won’t have such luxury. We don’t have another eight – or even four – years to be “Bushwhacked” by failed leadership and a press that lets him (or her) get away with it.

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