Bush: Staunch Advocate for addressing Global Warming and Environmental Issues

Thomas Schueneman

On the eve of the G8 summit set to convene June 6 in Germany president Bush, after widely publicized reports earlier this week over wording of a climate change draft proposal, attempted on Thursday to set his own agenda concerning global warming.

It is difficult not to do the right thing and give president Bush the benefit of the doubt in hopes that his statement reflects a true change of course and an intention to take seriously the need for leadership in the international community in addressing climate change.

Can we really take Mr. Bush seriously when he says,"Over the past six years, my administration has spent, along with the Congress, more than $12 billion in research on clean energy technology.” “…We're the world's leader when it comes to figuring out new ways to power our economy and be good stewards of the environment."

I, for one, have serious doubts. The Bush administration has been far from forthright in pretty much everything they’ve done. Perhaps they feel there is some political or tactical advantage in obfuscation. But they must pay the price and realize that anything they say regarding the environment or global warming will be met with skepticism.

We will see what actually transpires when the G8 meets next week.

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