Arnold Leads California, the Nation, and the World in Sweeping California Climate Change Legislation

Thomas Schueneman

California leads the way in global warming and climate change legislation

The Nation has it right in their opinion piece below - Arnold is likely to get this liberal Democrats vote in November:

The Nation Thu Aug 31, 12:05 PM ET

The Nation -- California's Republican Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger cleanly broke with the White House yesterday by reaching a broad agreement with state Dems to severely cap greenhouse gas emissions.

California sentators voted along party lines 23-14 to approve the toughest global warming legislation in the country. Democrats voted yes. Republicans voted in unison against their own governor.

Schwarzenegger's pact is the third such major alliance he has forged with the Democrats in the past weeks. They have also agreed on a minimum wage rise as well as a deal on prescription drugs.

The Governor's wheelings and dealings, his continuing consolidation of the political center, comes as he defends a wide lead against his re-election rival, Democrat Phil Angelides.

Angelides has failed too inspire much excitement among Democratic voters and is lagging in the polls. Though the Republicans may be facing a political waterloo in November, here in the Blue State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is coasting to a victory under ever bluer skies.


California Set to Cut Greenhouse Gases

In a clear break with the environmental polices of US President George Bush, California is set to become the first US state to impose limits on greenhouse gases contributing to global warming after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger forged a deal with the state legislature. Full Story


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