An Island of Garbage the Size of Texas

Thomas Schueneman

An Island of Garbage the Size of Texas

San Francisco is a town that is defined by her bay, the Golden Gate, and the vast Pacific Ocean that is its source.

Last evening, the local news featured a story of the timelessness of petrochemical plastics and what happens when the plastic trash we leave behind that finds its way into ocean. Into the enormous eddies and currents, swirling into an island of plastic crap the size of Texas. Perhaps if you look real hard when you’re flying to Kona from San Francisco you’ll see it; white and swirling and huge.

Anything the size of Texas has an environmental impact.

Needless to say, this garbage gets into the food chain and kills off marine life - from bottom to top.

The news report stated that the problem resembled that of global warming: Hard to perceive, out of sight. And once we do notice, well, the problem is huge.

What can any one person do?

Let’s start off easy: The ocean isn’t a waste dump. Like it or not, that’s where you came from, assuming you’re, well, alive.

How about if we all rowed out to the island of plastic trash somewhere between here and Hawaii and grabbed the bit of plastic we left behind that was so small it couldn’t possibly bother anything and brought it home.

Of course the problem is – what then? An indestructible bit of plastic is still indestructible when I throw it in the garbage can.

But at least it isn’t part of a Texas-sized island of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

You gotta start somewhere.

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