7/24/2006 Global Warming is Real News

Thomas Schueneman

Warming climate could alter weather, farming in the Midwest - San Jose Mercur...

21 Jul 2006 at 3:36pm Warming climate could alter weather, farming in the Midwest
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Jul 21, 2006
... That has put pressure on governments to come up with ways to deal with global warming before climate change is irreversible, a point that could come within 10 ...
ANALYSIS-Heatwave in Europe, US But is it climate change? Reuters AlertNet
'Extreme weather"? Portsmouth Herald News
all 49 related Inconvenient facts on warming - Roanoke Times

23 Jul 2006 at 12:46am Inconvenient facts on warming
Roanoke Times, VA - 21 hours ago
... He has been bashing global warming/climate change studies since the late 1990s, and his work is one of the reasons that more than 50 percent of media reports ... Global warming may be triggering more wildfires - Chicago Sun-Times

23 Jul 2006 at 4:25am PhysOrg.comGlobal warming may be triggering more wildfires
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 18 hours ago
... and Australia, researchers find growing evidence tying an upsurge in wildfires to climate change, an impact long predicted by global-warming forecasters. ...
Wildfires linked to climate changes Daily Herald
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Voice of the Reader (Southern Illinoisan)

20 Jul 2006 at 7:06am

You won't see it printed in the paper, but the so-called compromise Cheney-Specter Bill that was supposed to stop the illegal eavesdropping done by Bush is only a further compromise of our freedoms. The bill OKs Bush's illegal spying and authorizes even broader spying on us all. Rants 'n' Raves: Global Choices (Wired News)

11 Jul 2006 at 8:03am

Responding to The Luddite's exploration of global warming arguments, readers call for responsible living, more scientific inquiry and greater scepticism of conlusions about human impacts on the earth. Bonus Joules: At One yet Everywhere (Scoop.co.nz)

10 Jul 2006 at 7:50pm

Have you ever wondered why we have a Climate Change Office? I can understand the need for Climate Balance Research Centre or even a Climate Balance Protection Agency. But an office of climate change?


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