6/23/2006 - Global Warming is Real News

Thomas Schueneman

Climate Change: Adverse Impact On Flora And Fauna - Gorkhapatra 22 Jun 2006 at 1:48amGorkhapatraClimateChange: Adverse Impact On Flora And FaunaGorkhapatra, Nepal - Jun 21, 2006... The polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are headed to become one of the most notable casualties of globalwarming. Climatechange is having its adverse impact on the ...

Gore: US in denial on world warming - Guardian Unlimited
22 Jun 2006 at 4:32am
BBC NewsGore: US in denial on world warming
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 21 hours ago
... along with Environment Secretary David Miliband, will discuss action to tackle global warming. ... States, sets out the case for action on climate change based on ...
Brown meets Gore over climate change Guardian Unlimited
Gore talks climate change with top British officials KRON 4
Miliband welcomes Gore's endorsement ePolitix
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Report backs global warming claims - Boston Globe
22 Jun 2006 at 12:01pm
SI.comReport backs global warming claims
Boston Globe, United States - 14 hours ago
... in the atmosphere are helping drive global warming... in terms of the greenhouse warming debate," Wallace ... extrapolate past temperature and climate data indirectly ...
Global warming is real, scientists warn Newark Star Ledger
US scientists back manmade warming claim Guardian Unlimited
Report: Global Warming Is Real Discovery Channel
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Planetary meltdown (The State News)22 Jun 2006 at 8:46pmHigher temperatures. Disappearing ice caps. Rising ocean levels. Diseases spread worldwide via invasive species. These are the images and implications used to market the documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," the poster for which warns, "By far the most terrifying movie you will ever see.

Council vows to cut global warming (ic CheshireOnline)14 Jun 2006 at 6:51am
ECO-FRIENDLY council leaders chose World Environment Day to sign up to charters aimed at cutting global warming. Climate change is now scientifically accepted as a consequence of the impact humanity is having on the Earth's atmosphere.


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