UN Secretary-General Calls Arctic Visit "Frightening"

Thomas Schueneman

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon returns from an Arctic visit shaken by the reality of climate change and the urgent need for action to avoid a global climate catastrophe.

A shaken United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reacts to a recent visit to the Arctic region. In the first video Ki-moon speaks from the Arctic Circle in Norway, telling reporters of the "frightening" experience of witnessing first-hand the effects of global warming in the Arctic, calling the region the "canary in a coal mine" warning for all humanity.

Upon his return, as reported in the second video, Ki-moon gave a speech at the World Climate Conference in which he said the world is "hurtling towards a climate catastrophe."

"Our foot is stuck on the accelerator and we are heading towards an abyss," he said. "Scientists have been accused for years of scaremongering. But the real scaremongers are those who say we cannot afford climate action -- that it will hold back economic growth. They are wrong. Climate change could spell widespread disaster."


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