Shep Smith a Hero, Brit Hume a Fool and a Jerk: BP and the Gulf Oil Spill on Fox News

Thomas Schueneman

The good and the typical of Fox News

Shep Smith of Fox News offers an eloquent and much-deserved dressing-down of BP CEO Tony Hayward's recent comments in the British press attempting to downplay the magnitude of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and belittling "litigious" Americans, saying he fully expects many "frivolous" lawsuits. A real class act, that Mr. Hayward.

And now the typical, this time from Brit Hume. He repeatedly says "let's see if that happens" to downplay the tragic consequences of the spill. Asking his panel "where's the oil?" Hume then asserts that the largest source of oil in the ocean is from "natural seepage." Of course, Hume is either willfully or foolishly ignorant of the fact that "natural seepage" occurs over eons. Nowhere is there a natural single source of oil gushing into the ocean on the scale of the ruptured wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico. Hume is either a fool or a liar.

He then goes on to say that the ocean can "absorb a lot of oil," implying that concern for the monumental damage caused by the spill is overblown. When it is countered that the idea has already been offered by Rush Limbaugh, questioning the wisdom of just saying that "the ocean will soak it up," Hume explodes in anger: "Who is saying that? Who is saying that?" Hume is also a jerk.

It is unclear what or who Brit Hume thinks he is protecting, but in so doing he shows himself as a fool or liar, and a jerk.

I'm saying that.


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