More on the "James Gang" and his Inhofe 400 List of Climate "Skeptics"

Thomas Schueneman

I posted on James Inhofe’s Senate report listing 400 “prominent” scientists last month. Since then I’ve seen the link to the report (go to my original post for that) posted around on various comments, as if to say “see, global warming isn’t real. James Inhofe (and his gang) say so”.

More common are post like this one one Climate Progress. Not only are most on the list unqualified, but some never asked to be on the list, don’t want to be on the list, don’t agree with Inhofe, and have had to ask to be taken off the list.

I’ve already used 99 words in this post about the James Gang, and that’s quite enough. Let me leave you with this quote from one on the list:

Take me off your list of 400 (Prominent) Scientists that dispute Man-Made Global warming claims. I’ve never made any claims that debunk the “Consensus”.

You quoted a newspaper article that’s main focus was scoring the accuracy of local weathermen. Hardly Scientific … yet I’m guessing some of your other sources pale in comparison in terms of credibility.

You also didn’t ask for my permission to use these statements. That’s not a very respectable way of doing “research”.
-Meteorologist George Waldenberger

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