Is CO2 a Natural Byproduct of - Nature?

Thomas Schueneman

Michelle Bachmann and her understanding of CO2 and climate

CO2 and climate

Ah, the magnificent grasp Congresswoman Michele Bachmann commands on the English language: "CO2 is a naturally occurring byproduct of nature." As opposed to all the unnatural byproducts of nature?

Her mangled language aside, Ms. Bachmann displays the simple-minded, even childish, assertion that more of a "good" - or in this case "natural" - thing is the desired goal. Totally missing that balance is as much a part of nature as its constituent parts. Anyone looking to Bachmann for a coherent understanding of science gets what they deserve. Nonsense.

Following is a recent video from our YouTube friend greenman3610, A.K.A Peter Sinclair, explaining the role CO2 plays on Earth's climate.

Image credit, Gage Skidmore, courtesy flickr


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