Evolution Lost: Vanishing Biodiversity

Thomas Schueneman

The COP10 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Summit wraps up tomorrow in Nagoya, Japan, where participating nations have gathered to attempt to work out a treaty to deal with biodiversity loss. As with last year's COP15 climate change summit in Copenhagen, what began with soaring rhetoric and exhortations to save the world's biological diversity, is winding down to a divide between rich and poor nations, the developing and developed world. Perhaps we should understand that such divisions carry little weight or meaning in a world bereft of its biological underpinnings. Without biodiversity, we are all poor.

As 2010 comes to a close, 20 percent of all vertebrates on earth face extinction, while human population continues to soar, now to nearly 7 billion people.

The following video, produced by the Zoological Society of London, is a poignant look at what is at stake:

Evolution Lost - Vanishing Biodiversity 

Featured image credit: Worldslandinfo.com, courtesy flickr


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