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Activists say environmental issues helped push green candidates through tough...

10 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Did green issues help tip critical races toward the more eco-friendly candidate? Environmental leaders in D.C. say yes, pointing to victories for Montana's new senator-elect, Jon Tester (D), at left, as well as California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) and California rep-to-be Jerry McNerney. Other election watchers aren't convinced that eco-issues ...

Congressional Democrats' energy priorities are a mixed bag

10 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Not so fast with the celebrating. The soon-to-be head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. John Dingell (D), has declared no interest in raising U.S. fuel-efficiency standards -- he's from Michigan, natch -- and he's a nuclear-power booster. The Dems' rise could also lead to more offshore drilling; ...

President Bush promotes energy independence, snuggles up to Democrats

10 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Word is President Bush will unveil an "energy independence" initiative to support ethanol and other biofuels -- and to show the world that he's, you know, down with the progressive agenda. (Which would be a lot more convincing if major ethanol investors didn't include oil giants like BP and Royal ...

Eric Ritz, youth-activism promoter, answers readers' questions

10 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

When youth-activism group Global Inheritance distributed goodies to L.A. Metro riders, the scene was like a rerun of "The Real World", says Eric Ritz, with folks of every flavor from hipster to blue-collar taking part. Many who had never taken the subway before even 'fessed up to enjoying it! And ...

U.N. study illuminates deadly global water and sanitation situation

10 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice -- but it's more likely to be lack of access to clean water that does us in. A U.N. report says dirty water is the second-leading cause of death among children around the world, causing 1.8 million wee ...


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