Earth Hour - Climate Change and Global Awareness

Thomas Schueneman

On Saturday, March 29 between the hours of 8 and 9PM (local time), individuals, businesses, and local governments will turn off the lights in a global event called Earth Hour. Sponsored by the WWF, Earth Hour is a means of showing global unity toward a common goal of addressing climate change. 

Started last year Sydney, Australia, this year Earth Hour will reach dozens of cities on every continent on the globe. 

Social activism is an important component in bringing about change, and you can participate in that change by signing up for Earth Hour. Make a date next Saturday for one quiet hour without electricity (it could be fun!). Not only is it a symbolic gesture, but the combined effort can help pave the way for effective change and a manageable future by helping to raise global awareness across all sectors of our society.

There’s plenty of bad news out there, here’s a chance to go out and make some good news on your own.

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