Did Al Gore Invent Global Warming? Climate Science, Back to the Fifties

Thomas Schueneman

Back in the earlier days of this blog, when Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth was up for an Academy Award, I wrote a piece called Al Gore Invented Global Warming. The title was a play on the common notion that Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet. In the article, I poked a little fun at both Al and the assembled Academy. Even for a proponent of aggressive action on climate and energy, I remember the proceeding was a bit hard to take (calling the Academy Awards "green" was a bit of a stretch for me). But I never expected at the time that so many people would actually start believing that the idea of global warming started with Al Gore.

The latest youtube video from Greenman3610 "Crock of the Week" series shows decisively that Al Gore did not invent global warming:


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