Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge - Saving the World - Two Weeks vs. a Lifetime

Thomas Schueneman

Team five – the winter team – of Earthwatch’s “Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge” has finished their work, leading, hopefully, to a better understanding of this region and the global implications of climate change in the north. One bit of data, one snow pit, at a time.

Of course nobody is really saving the world here. At least somebody’s trying to keep an eye on it. (It’s up to all of us to save it.)

When I was out there digging around in the snow, all I really wanted was to get warm.

One day I got frostbite instead.

Who knew that saving the world would be ironic?

Carley Besler – research technician at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.

Video produced by William Berry

The real heros of this tale are, of course, the scientists, technicians, and support staff that devote their lives to research and understanding of the environmental impacts of climate change.

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