Blog Action Day for the Environment

Thomas Schueneman

Today is blog action day for the environment. Sponsored by, the idea is for bloggers from all over the world to blog about the environment.

Well, that’s something I do quite a lot of actually, being an environmental blogger, and I’ve already blogged today at and, so, technically at least, I guess I’ve done my part.

But this blog is my own baby and that’s why I’m writing about Blog Action Day here.

The idea is to create an organic movement toward awareness about environmental issues and that a good thing. Through such awareness then perhaps effective and sustained action toward solving the myriad of environmental problems we face can occur.

So I call on myself and everyone reading this post to do one thing today that they didn’t do yesterday in regard to the environment.

Maybe there’s still a lightbulb in the house that isn't a CFL – change it.

Perhaps you need to run to the market for a "just a few things". Could you walk instead of drive? Buy locally grown produce instead of something flown halfway around the world?

Do you complain about all the drivel on television? How about reading a book and leaving the TV off for an evening? (and even instead of reading a blog - turn off the computer too!)

Will any of these small measures solve the problem of climate change, energy consumption, or environmental degradation?

No. But it’s a start. It’s taking action. And if we take an action today, perhaps we can take another action tomorrow, and another the next day, and the next…

Today it’s about taking action. For bloggers and for everyone else.

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