Al Gore, the Coming Ice Age, and the Great Global Warming Swindle

Thomas Schueneman

The next two videos in a series looking at the science and some of the common myths surrounding climate change.

Today we follow up from the first two videos we posted last weekend from a series produced by a veteran journalist and science correspondent going by the YouTube name of Potholer54.

In the first two videos presented on Saturday, we saw a straightforward and clear-headed explanation of climate science. In these two videos we look at some of the urban myths that have grown out of the "debate" surrounding climate change. In particular, the first video takes a close look at the common cry from deniers, that scientists in the 70's predicted a coming ice age - but did they really?

The last video takes a look at the extremes in amateur global warming debate - Al Gore and Martin Durkin - taking to task Gore's Inconvenient Truth as flawed and at times hyperbolic while exposing many of the arguments in Durkin's Great Global Warming Swindle as complete fabrications, with some of his own sources (and skeptics themselves) accusing Durkin of "near fraud."

As Potholer54 says, his intention with these two videos is to "debunk all the mythological crap" that has grown up around climate change. "Every time I turn over a rock," says Potholer54, "it seems like a new piece of junk science crawls out from underneath it."

(With thanks to Tom Nelson for linking to this post and allowing his readers to view these videos... Well, you are aren't you?)


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