White House "Mulling Over" New CO2 Proposals - Top Emitters Spend April in Paris (well, two days at least)

Thomas Schueneman

A couple of quick news items for the day…

It is reported today that president Bush is weighing options the possibility of proposing some form of mandatory greenhouse gas emission standards for the U.S.

Is the White House ready to make deals to regulate carbon emissions?

While it remains unclear what exactly is on Bush’s mind (ahem) it appears as if there could be an announcement as soon as this week. Bush is scheduled to speak in the Rose Garden this Thursday to recipients of the President’s Environmental Youth Awards.

While some are skeptical that Bush’s long-held opposition to mandatory carbon caps will change anytime soon, there have been meetings between the White House and Congressional Republican leadership on options for addressing climate change – which is a first, so it appears that something’s up.

The Senate is expected to debate climate change legislation this June.


Representatives from 16 nations, the EU, and the United Nations will meet this week in Paris for a two-day meeting to help hammer out comprehensive policies to help slow global warming. 

His reputation once again proceeding him, many express concern and doubt as to the Bush Administration’s motives in conducting and participating in talks separate from the United Nations negotiations set in motion last December in Bali.

Nonetheless, most agree that any movement from the United States is a good thing, and essential for any substantive progress in dealing with climate change. 

We’ll what there is to report come this Friday! 

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