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Fee and Dividend - A Solution to Global Warming?-

The following TEDx talk features Dan Miller, managing director and co-founder of The Roda Group, a cleantech venture capital group based in Berkeley, California.

It may be in our nature to avoid the hard truth of climate change, But Dan Miller proposes a fee and dividend approach as a simple, effective solution

Miller discusses the difficulty of grasping climate change as a clear and present danger, even as tipping points have already been crossed. Our evolution has geared us to respond to immediate, visible threats - the attacking lion or rival enemy tribe.

Climate change is the slow moving, seemingly invisible threat. But an increasingly imminent threat nonetheless. We see it now in changing weather patterns, rising seas, migrating species, melting ice and acidifying seas.

It may seem that even as the storm clouds of global warming gather so too does the intractability of a solution. But Miller proposes a Fee and Dividend approach as a model for solving the climate crisis, one that will inspire an era of innovation and transformation to a new energy economy.

Image courtesy of Clay Bennett


Humanity In The Anthropocene


Thomas Schueneman