Video Friday: Story Wars - Narratives on Carbon Pollution

Thomas Schueneman

In previous posts we've discussed the urgent need to create an effective and positive narrative to motivate action on climate change. Achieving such a narrative isn't about facts - facts don't matter - because we are a species driven by narrative, by a compelling story. Last summer Climate One convened three experts in human behavior, environment, and narrative storytelling. Recorded at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, host Greg Dalton speaks with Dr. Carrie Armel, Jon Else, and Jonah Sachs on why crafting a compelling narrative is much more effective than sheer facts in communicating and motivating people on the reality of climate change.

The following video introduces the hour-long program. Watch the full program here.

Story Wars: Narratives On Carbon Pollution from Climate One on


Humanity In The Anthropocene


Thomas Schueneman