Thomas Schueneman

As Cop 20 wraps up its negotiations in Lima, Peru in hopes of securing an international climate treaty in Paris next year, the need for adaptation to a climate changed world becomes abundantly clear. As is typical of the COP process, the talks in Lima wind up in the weary, wee final hours the conference wrangling over the same contentious issues between developed and developing nations, green financing and transparency.

Coping with climate change: Stilt houses.

Even if the international community can overcome their differences, learning to adapt to a new world is key to a thriving, sustainable future. The following video was produced by the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee.

"Adaptation is the invitation we are being given to change behaviors and consumption and production patterns that we've had for a hundred, a hundred-fifty years that are simply no longer sustainable" - Christian Figueres, executive secretary, UNFCCC

Image credit: Development Planning Unit University College London, courtesy flickr


Humanity In The Anthropocene


Thomas Schueneman