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Or why you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it

Last week we posted the teaser for The Story of Cap and Trade, the new video hosted by Annie Leonard, the creator of the viral hit video The Story of Stuff. Produced by Free Range Studios, the Story of Stuff Project, and Climate Justice Now!, The Story of Cap and Trade offers a clear and concise message on how carbon cap and trade schemes are, as Daphne Wysham characterized it to me, a "false solution." Wysham is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a co-director of IPS’ Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, and one of the principal consultants for The Story of Cap and Trade.

You may or may not agree with such an assessment or the arguments proffered in the 9-minute video, but it is worth watching. The idea is to get a conversation started on the best solutions for cutting carbon emissions and dealing with climate change. Cap and trade isn't the only choice (see below for some places to start). For a more detailed recap of my conversation with last week with Daphne Wysham and Free Range Studios founder Jonah Sachs, read my post on CleanTechnica.

The Story of Cap & Trade from Story of Stuff Project on Vimeo.

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