NASA Publicizes Research in Cold Fusion Energy Technology

Thomas Schueneman

While not much has been heard in the mainstream media since the controversial (and unverifiable) claims by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman in 1989 for cheap, clean, and safe energy from nuclear "cold" fusion, the idea has not been abandoned altogether. In fact, a recent video released by NASA shows ongoing research into what is more formally known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The work described in the video is subject to a patent application by the U.S. government on LENR reactions.

The topic of cold fusion remains controversial and is still largely met with skepticism, but the impact of LENR, if it can be developed for general use, would change the future of civilization. Peak oil analyst Tom Whipple, a fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, has published an informative article on international developments in LENR research. To be sure, wild claims of "cheap and easy" clean energy from cold fusion anytime soon are premature, but research by NASA others proves that continued exploration is warranted.

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Thomas Schueneman