LED vs. Fluorescent Lighting - Are LED Tubes Ready for Prime Time? Take the Survey

Thomas Schueneman

LED lighting is becoming all the rage, from forward-thinking municipalities converting their traffic and street lighting to the efficiency of LED fixtures, right down to the desk lamp here on my desk.

Are LED tube lights ready for prime time?

As LED lighting technology continues to make inroads into the common incandescent bulb, as well as LED's green competitor the CFL bulb with its now easily recognizable tube-swirl design, LED's are now making their move to replace the common fluorescent tube. But is LED tube lighting ready for commercialization?

That't the question Houston Neal at SoftwareAdvice.com takes on with an informative article on the pros and cons of fluorescent tubes vs. LED tubes. In the article there's also a quick survey regarding public perception of the LED vs. fluorescent debate (a debate that is surprisingly contentious in some circles). The survey takes seconds (I took it), and is a good way to answer the question, at least in the public's mind, if LED tubes are "ready for prime time".

Check it out.

And let us know what you think!


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Thomas Schueneman