Infographic: Green Motoring - Which U.S. States are Best?

Thomas Schueneman

Green motoring has grown in popularity in recent years as an increasingly viable option for individual’s reducing their own carbon footprint and creating a real and positive change in terms of our overall carbon emissions. While the environmental benefits of green motoring are undeniable, before purchasing and electric, hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle it is important to consider the day-to-day practicalities of use. For example, how accessible are charging points and biofuel gas stations within certain areas, and could this create difficulties in everyday use?

In areas with few charging points consumers can be put off from purchasing electric vehicles. The worry is that a lower purchase price could be used as justification not to invest in development and green infrastructure because consumers "don’t want them", or to restrict charging points only to major cities. The infographic below from Sixt ranks the most practical states to live in, along with the worst (Alaska).


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Thomas Schueneman