Final Press Briefing from Bangkok Climate Talks

Thomas Schueneman

The following video is the final press briefing from the climate talks in Bangkok, Thailand. UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer speaks on progress made and challenges remaining at the conclusion of the two-week negotiating sessions, one of the last chances to iron out major points of contention ahead of the COP15 Climate Change Conference this December in Copenhagen.

While he said that the talks were constructive, he also said that "long-standing differences remain" - principally on the issues of emissions targets and finance, the main stumbling blocks that have stymied negotiations between developed and developing nations since the process began.

Jake Schmidt, international policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, was on the scene throughout the talks and posted on his impressions of the state of negotiations. I also posted a summary earlier today on TriplePundit.


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Thomas Schueneman