The Daily PlanetWatch for Tuesday, July 2

Thomas Schueneman

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The nature of sound:

Have you ever gone outside, stood perfectly still, and focused on nothing but the sounds drifting in and out on the breeze? A dog barking, a horn honking, and airplane flying overhead. But what of sound beyond the reach of human intervention? What role and meaning does sound play in the natural world? A new article in PNAS explores research on how sound is a critical thread in the web of life. 

No escape:

And speaking of sound, imagine that everywhere you went you where bombarded by a cacophony of deafening noise? The impacts of noise pollution on human health is well-documented. Sound can easily be weaponized.  Whether intentional or not, in the Arctic and across the world's oceans, the acoustic assault from human activity is nothing short of an attack on the health of whales and many other marine species.  

Farming coral:

Often referred to as the "rainforests of the seas," coral reefs comprise one of the most dazzling and biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet - and we are losing them at an alarming rate. Two entrepreneurs seek to on the fate of coral by launching Coral Vita, a land-based coral farm in the Caribbean.

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