The Daily PlanetWatch for Friday, July 5

Thomas Schueneman

Thinking about the latest environmental news headlines every afternoon from the Daily PlanetWatch.
  • Hottest June Ever. I live in San Francisco, known for its moderate, Mediterranean climate, and Karl the Fog. Heat waves typically (not always) mean temperatures in the 80s (Fahrenheit, of course. SF is a strange place, but it isn't Venus), but things aren't typical, here are anywhere else. Anchorage Alaska celebrated their 4th of July holiday with record-breaking 90-degree heat. For Europe, the heat brought little to celebrate, pushing a new global record for the hottest June in recorded human history.
  • As much as we try not to think about it, we can't have it all. We need to learn to share the planet. I don't mean "with each other" - that much should be obvious - but as a species. Like I said, it's hard to even know how to think about something like that. But with a population now pushing toward 8 billion, anticipating 10 billion by mid-century, somebody has to. Writing in ScienceMag, Jonathan Baillie and Ya-Ping Zhang ask the inconvenient question: How much of the planet should we leave for other forms of life? 

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