Video Friday: Lord Monckton Has the Sun in Eyes - Climate Change is Due to the Sun

Thomas Schueneman

Ah, Lord Monckton. As YouTube's Potholer54(a.k.a Peter Hadfield) asks in this video, why would any true skeptic of climate change follow the good Lord Monckton on his flights of ill-researched climate denial fancy? In this last of his series called Monckton Bunkum Hadfield takes on Monckton's tired assertion that recent global warming is all due to solar activity. At times Monckton gets downright silly, such as saying scientists have observed warming on Jupiter - yep, the giant gaseous planet sure is a good harbinger for climate change on Earth, eh? It's almost too easy.

I'll reiterate Hadfield's challenge here: find something Monckton gets right in his tireless crusade of climate denial.


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