The Future of Energy - Bloomberg-Business Week Energy Survey

Thomas Schueneman

Surveyed energy professionals see smart grid, government incentives as key to energy future

Smart grids, government incentive key to energy future - 

Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services has recently completed a survey of energy professionals to gauge their thoughts and opinions on the key global energy issues we face in the coming decades. Sponsored by ABB, an automation technology service company for industry and utilities, the survey results show a majority of energy professionals urging more production from clean energy sources, increased efficiency, smarter grids, and more government incentives as the basis for a sustainable energy future.

Some of the highlighted survey results include:

  • 89% see government incentives as more effective than markets for driving energy efficiency
  • 63% believe the greatest opportunities for improving energy efficiency rests with industrial end-users
  • 76% think government regulation should require utilities to produce more energy from renewable sources
  • 81% see smart grid technology is a crucial key for global energy future

Materials and information about the Energy 2010 survey results including podcasts, key findings, and white papers is available from ABB's website.


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