The Daily PlanetWatch for Wednesday, July 10

Thomas Schueneman

Thinking about the latest environmental news headlines every afternoon from the Daily PlanetWatch
  • Summer slime and Republican Eco-warriors. It was the "the summer the algae ate Florida," family pets were getting sick and dying, dead sea turtles washed up onshore, people were scared to swim. The toxic water hit home. Then-candidate for governor Ron Desantis promised to clean it up if voters elected him. They did. What happened after that is a "template for how a Republican executive can do right by the environment in a time when stewardship seems bitterly partisan".
  • Build that wall. As the debate rages over Trump's chaotic push to build a wall on the US southern border drags on, one thing is clear. The wall he envisions is an environmental disaster in the making.

  • Governors plead for "common sense" from the Trump administration. 23 governors, Republicans among them, are joining California to "implore" the White House to embrace  more aggressive federal fuel standards for cars and light trucks. In a joint statement, the governors wrote:"Strong vehicle standards protect our communities from unnecessary air pollution and fuel costs, and they address the largest source of carbon pollution in the United States." Perhaps there's another message for President Trump: don't mess with California.

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