The Climate Change Movie for People Who Don't Care About Climate Change

Thomas Schueneman

"Do I think Man is causing global warming? No. But that doesn't make any difference. I want clean water and I want clean air. And that's so simple."
-Alaskan resident, global warming skeptic, fellow collaborator for a sustainable future 

From wind farmers to former CIA Directors - solutions are possible

From former CIA directors, Air Force colonels, airline executives,and ministers to community organizers and "wild" Alaskans (who don't think climate change is caused by humans), people with such a wide-ranging world outlook will not all agree on global warming. But there is one thing we all may have in common: a belief that solutions are possible to those with the vision to look beyond differences and find common ground, realizing these solutions are forged from our shared existence on Earth, for the benefit of everyone. Altruism is survival trait for a species, but it isn't just about being altruistic either - it's about focusing on what is important to everyone, individually: jobs, national security, and energy. Living a good life on an abundant Earth, and expecting at least the same for our children.

It's about getting on board the new energy economy, or being left behind.

The solutions-focused documentary Carbon Nationis available starting August 1st via On Demand and DVD. Take it a step further and host a screening.

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Carbon Nation mission statement:

carbon nation is an optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health & a clean environment. The film's optimism and pragmatism are appealing across the political spectrum. While other good films have been about problems, blame and guilt, carbon nation is a film that celebrates solutions, inspiration and action. We meet a host of entertaining and endearing characters along the way..

carbon nation will affect public opinion when viewed by a large cross section of the American Public. Our aspiration is to make carbon nation available to every Middle School, High School, College, University and interested group, and for the film to be a widely used tool to inform and shape a well-informed and pragmatic discussion about climate change.

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