Lord Monckton: Tripping Over His Own Ego

Thomas Schueneman

Climate denier extraordinaire and general officious nutcase Lord Christopher Monckton bills himself a scientist, though he is not, and appears to exude authority on subjects when there really is none. Trained in the classics and as a journalist, what he does know is his audience, and thus the wild-eyed deniers like Glenn Beck, Fox News, et. al. eat up what he has on offer.

"Lord" Monckton - seen here tripping over his own ego

He famously called youthfully exuberant protestors at last December's COP15 climate conference "Hitler Youth" and recently stirred up a tea party gathering by insinuating president Obama was born in Kenya (which is so, like, last year, even for most wingnuts).

Mostly, the good Lord Monckton just trips over his own ego, as these two videos from Greenman3610 illustrate in detail.

Part One:

Part Two:

Image credit: Matthew McDermott, courtesy Flickr


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