Is America Surrendering Its Leadership Role in the New Energy Economy?

Thomas Schueneman

A clean energy "call to arms"

Is the US allowing others to lead in the clean energy economy?

A new report released today by the Center for American Progressentitled Out of the Running? How Germany, Spain, and China Are Seizing the Energy Opportunity and Why the United States Risks Getting Left Behindexplains how clean energy is on track to become one of the biggest global industries in the coming decades. By 2020 the clean energy sector will be worth as much as $2.3 trillion. Many countries, like Germany, Spain, and China, have already begun to seize the enormous opportunity and potential in the coming transition to a new energy economy. While these countries have set in place public policies to provide a focused incentive for public and private investments in clean energy markets, the report argues that the United States lags behind, risking its leadership role in the emerging 21st century economy.

Get the executive summary or the full report (pdf).


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